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     When it comes to fashion make-up for runway, as well as more experimental make-up for music videos and CD covers, we recommend our artists explore what MAC has to offer. MAC has developed a fantastic range of vivid colors that are made from strong pigments and therefore give a powerful punch that I have not found from any other company. In addition to their intensity, these products are formulated to be extremely long lasting.

     MAC paints and paint pots are a particular favorite for smoky eyes, with a metallic finish. They are easy to apply with a synthetic brush and you can keep a very distinct edge or use your fingers to smudge away the lines of demarcation. But the most attractive feature is that they dry quickly and are waterproof. Therefore, they also work well on Asian eyes and on any eyes where a cream product would smear and crease. The color range is remarkable and you can also apply loose shimmer powders on top to give a rainbow of tints when the lights hits from different angles. If you have not yet experimented with MAC paints and paint pots, I suggest you do.

     Make-up artists who complete the Media Make-up Course at Award Studio are eligible to apply for MAC’s Pro Card. This entitles pro artists to a 40% discount on all MAC products. You need to submit any two of the following items in order to receive the discount card.

 Certificate from Award Studio to show you have completed the course in professional make-up training

 Zed card, composite or promo card

 Business card

 Invoice from a make-up job

 Professional make-up portfolio

 *On completion of the course Award Studio will give you the necessary forms to apply for the MAC Pro Card.

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