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Makeup Training Class Airbrushing
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With specific media makeup training and a first class portfolio, creative individuals can earn $400 - $1000 per day doing makeup for ads, television, films, video, music videos and CD's, fashion magazines and runway shows.

Makeup Training

Makeup Training

Makeup Training


In order to get Media makeup work, specific training is required that is different from salon makeup and the makeup taught at cosmetology schools.

It is essential for Media makeup Artists to know how to do airbrushing and traditional camera makeup for all types of lighting and film, and to know what type of makeup application is best for every media situation. At Award Studio you learn all this as well as formulation, blending for all skin tones, corrective techniques, camera makeup for men, women and children, how to achieve period looks and much more.


Without a professional portfolio to show the quality of your work, clients will not even interview you for possible jobs.

Approximately 30% of your time is spent on actual photo sessions. For an average class of 8-10 students we provide at least 15 actors, commercial print models, musicians, entertainers and fashion models.  We work hard to make sure you have a variety of media looks to work on. We book young to old, male and female, and a range of different nationalities and skin tones. We provide you with as many real people and commercial looks as possible, as well as high fashion, editorial models. This covers the whole spectrum of media situations.

Other schools do not concentrate on building your portfolio. There are only two others that we know of that mention portfolios. Artists who attend these schools said they only provided the class with one or two people to work on, not the sixteen plus that Award Studio provides for each class. And some schools make you use your friends, which is virtually impossible if you don't live locally. For your own protection be sure to get all the details when making comparisons.

Another very important factor in building the best possible makeup portfolio is to work with an excellent photographer who has many years of experience specializing in fashion, beauty and commercial print. Clients don't want someone with little skill using a digital camera and then photoshopping it to death. Decision makers in the industry say digital technology is not there yet. They still want to see the makeup artists true work. If they believed everything could be done with photo shop retouching they would have no need to hire a talented makeup artist or photographer. Luckily that is not the case.

Amy Ward is the photographer at Award Studio. She has worked internationally for over 20 years as a makeup artist and photographer for Vogue, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire and hundreds of other clients.

For a more extensive list of Amy Ward's work experience press BIO/CREDITS OF DIRECTOR at the bottom of this page.

See below for information on the Two Day Fashion Class (shot on location).


This professional makeup kit is required for use during class, for practicing between classes and to use on jobs.

The AWARD STUDIO makeup kit includes:

  • Professional compressor, dual action airbrush gun and a complete range of foundations and other airbrush products
  • Traditional camera makeup for all skin tones and all media situations
  • A set of ten professional artist brushes
  • The definitive makeup case with fold out trays, used by makeup artists worldwide


In order to assure maximum individual attention the average is 8 students per class. We feel that quality is of the utmost importance.  



We offer a comprehensive course that covers all aspects of media makeup artistry including airbrushing for digital and HDTV and 14 hours of photo sessions for your portfolio.

Media Makeup Course - Accelerated Class
Monday - Friday.  Day and evening.

The Media Makeup Classes is comprised of both theory and practical. Room does not allow for a complete description of the course material, but the list below outlines the curriculum.
  • Learning what clients expect of the makeup artist on set
  • How to conduct successful interviews
  • Developing a professional image
  • Basic principals of wardrobe styling
  • How to negotiate rates for different types of work
  • How to create contracts and invoices
  • How to prepare your taxes as a free lance artist
  • Liability and other necessary insurance
  • Union vs. non union
  • Agent vs. free lance
  • How to market yourself including marketing materials
  • How and where to find clients
  • How to balance skin tones for different film and lighting

  • Prepping the skin for camera makeup
  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Concealer
  • Custom blending foundation
  • Translucent powder
  • Principles and application of contour, highlight and blush
  • Variety of eye makeup techniques
  • Lip shaping, correcting and color blending
  • Makeup for men
  • Makeup for children
  • Makeup for older skin
  • Camouflage makeup for tattoos, scars, birthmarks

  • Special techniques and products for bridal makeup
  • Structuring a successful consultation
  • Fees
  • Drawing up a written agreement with specified payment
  • How and where to market yourself for weddings

Fashion Makeup
  • Discussion of current trends
  • Retro period looks in the press
  • Special fashion eye makeup techniques including
    various smokey eyes and colorful creations
  • False eyelashes: strip and individual lashes

Photography Sessions For Student Portfolios
Three days of photo sessions to build student's portfolios with photographer Amy Ward (Vogue, Vanity Fair, Armani, Oprah, President Clinton) See Bio of Instructor. It is important for you to know the credentials of the photographer you will be working with to be certain that the quality will be excellent. No other school has a photographer of this caliber. Award Studio supplies actors and entertainers of all ages, with a variety of skin tones. This shows clients that you can work on all types of media looks. All day Saturday and Sunday students work on models, with a variety of looks, doing fashion and beauty shoots for their portfolio.
The curriculum for the Airbrush Makeup Class is outlined on the Airbrush Makeup page. Likewise, the Two Day Fashion Shoot details are on the Two Day Fashion Shoot page. Remember, it is not only what you will be taught that is important. The experience and credentials of your instructor and photographer are paramount.

(Prices effective for classes beginning September 2013)

Bridal & Fashion. Promoting your Business Marketing

Materials fee for complete makeup kit
Total $2345

Deposit:   $750
2nd Payment (Due 3 weeks before class begins):   $1000
Balance (Due on 1st day of class):   $595

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This advanced class is conducted exactly as if you were working on a location photo shoot for a fashion magazine. We provide fashion models for you and photograph them at various locations. Not only do you get first hand experience of what it's like to do fashion editorials, but you also build a fashion portfolio of your work.

Professional Airbrush Equipment and Supplies:
Compressor, duel action gun, 12 foundations, primer, correction wheel, 2 HD powders, blush, and highlighters, cleaning supplies and color adapter. (With student discount)
CD Portfolio:
Total $2450

Deposit:   $750
2nd Payment (Due 3 weeks before class begins):   $1000
Balance (Due on 1st day of class):   $700

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Deposit & Payments

Payments can be made with Visa, MasterCard, bank cashier's check, money order or cash.
(No personal checks)
Make payable to: Award Studio
For the payment due on the first day of class cash is always preferred.

Hotels & Transportation


Year 2014
Accelerated One Week Class Dates (7 consecutive days Monday - Sunday)
  May 19 - 25  (3 places left)
July 7 - 13  (4 places left)
  Aug. 25 - 31  
Oct. 6 - 12  


All classes and seminars are held at our studio in Los Angeles, at the address below.
3204 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505
818 • 980 • 2119